Tuesday, February 17, 2004


here's what happened in materials today. dr. inal looked really terrible. he kept staring off into space and he didn't know what he was talking about and he wasn't making any sense at all. he'd stare at his notes and then say, "any questions?" and when people asked questions he said, "we've already covered that." we were supposed to be having a test reveiw, but he was losing it. josh and i thought he was going to pass out right in class and we'd all have to do emergency lifesaving techniques. he leaned over to see a guy's paper in the front row and it really looked like he was going to fall down and die right there. he finally told us that he wasn't feeling well and to come back at five for the test reveiw.
today we had metallurgy lab, and terri and jeb (out t.a.s) told us that inal had a stroke, maybe right in class, and he was in the hospital.
this is the second time something like that has happened in one of my classes.

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