Thursday, February 19, 2004

holy CRAP

okay, here's the deal.
carmen, steve and i want to go to california over spring break and hit san diego and disneyland. well, not really disneyland, but peter pan's flight. ANYWAY, steve said i needed to find a boy to come to even things out a little bit and so i wouldn't be a third wheel for all of carmen and steve's romantic moments. so he told me to find a boyfried. and IT WAS A JOKE.
so the next day i was at lunch and jamison said he didn't have any plans for spring break so i asked him, "hey, want to be my boyfriend?" and told him that he had to fill out an application and be approved by carmen and steve, since they are going on the trip, and kim, just for the heck of it. she's my roomie and she is wise. i said this because jamison is smart enough to realize that i was joking, and i WAS. unfortunately, a bunch of the guys at the table also heard and well... weren't that smart.
appearently the word on the street is that i am now accepting applications from potential boyfriends.
and worse, i just heard from kim, whom i haven't seen all day, that there are three guys who want the job and have been looking for her approval. she says that the phone has been ringing all day and one of the hopefuls.... WANTS TO SURPRIZE ME?!?
the plan right now is up in the air... we can either make this application process REALLY hard, or tell people that the position has been filled, and get someone who knows it's a joke to "be my boyfriend" until spring break.
how did this happen? i should have known better at this school. when there are four guys for every girl, there is no kidding around.
i'm gonna kill steve.

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