Tuesday, February 24, 2004

now that i'm not spending ALL my time writing up my metallography lab, i have stop and breathe and sleep... and shower...
not really, it wasn't that bad, but it almost was. i didn't have time to eat or sleep, but i made time to shower. really, school shouldn't be this demanding. the basic life cycle shouldn't have to depend on the quarter-semesterly lab write-ups.
anyway, the thing i've been thinking about for a few days is how people in my life have so much character. it's almost like they are fictional and were made up to be the quirky personalities of a sitcom.
take my materials tas, for example. teri and jeb. teri is short and sort of wide and has kind of looks like a cartoon critter that wears clothes and walks and talks. she's really nice, she knows what she's talking about, but she's kind of shy about talking in front of the group. jeb is tall and skinny and likes talking in front of us even less. he also knows what he's talking about, but he's super shy. teri and jeb are always competing and arguing about who is right, but it's really obvious that they are really great friends and i get the feeling they stick up for each other a lot. apart they are normal lab tas, but together... i just can't get over how funny it is.
then take my roommate kim. she is just about the most talented person i know. i'm glad i'm not her sister. i would probably have a complex. she is one of the best irish step dancers in the country, and she is certainly the best in the state. she also plays the harp, so at this very second, over my right shoulder, she is teaching a boy from the dorm across the street how to play a simple song on her five-foot baby. and it really is like a baby. we have a humidifier in here and a meter that tells us the comfort zone of the harp. this week i've been sitting here studying to live harp music. HECK YEAH. and she decorates cakes and proofreads papers and is the president of the technical communications club... seriously, i would have a complex if i was being compared to her.
there are so many others... curtis is always bouncing off the walls, scuba steve is the sweetest guy ever, peter always talks fiv times faster than my brain moves... and jesse is now leaving my room and it just occured to me that he is quite the stero-typical Perfect Man.
my life is so entertaining.

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