Friday, February 20, 2004

hey kids!
i have ten minutes before class, but i wanted to let you know... what happened last night!
the "boyfriend applicant" that wanted to surprize me was none other than patrick, one of scott's roommates. he ran into me at swing and told me he had to show me something, and led me up to his apartment and gave me flowers and a manila folder with four letters of recommendation from one of his roommates, a girl that had been on a road trip with him, and a former girlfriend. and, uh... one was from him.
well, needless to say, kim and i were both freaking out, and curtis, scuba steve, trevor and travis were all trying to help us out, and we weren't sure if patrick knew that it was just a joke or WHAT. but we were both having a cow.
back at our room, after swing, curtis, kim and i read the letters, and they were SO FUNNY. the card in the flowers made it clear that patrick knew it was a joke and was just trying to stress us out for a while and give us a laugh.
we laughed.
he totally had us going though. whether or not this was serious, i need to learn to keep my big mouth shut.

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