Sunday, February 15, 2004


cheers, and here's to the best valentine's day i've ever had!
... and just so you know i didn't have a valentine. i've never had a valentine. but instead of dreading this time of year and avoiding the shiney pink and red displays in the stores, i go into this head on. it's so much fun this way!
last night i went to the a concert at macey center.... no, not just any concert. the GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA itself was in socorro, new mexico at my huble little college on valentine's day. if you know who glenn miller is, you are way cool, and you should tell the next person you see how cool you are. if not, there's still time!
glenn miller disappeared in the 40's, not without composing some of the best swing music ever. his orchestra kept going though, and they are still one of the most famous swing bands. of course i'm completely stoked that they came here!!! so this was a concert and a dance. yeah, i dressed up... red dress, red and gold paint in my hair, body jewles, makeup, the whole works. no one at this school had ever seen me in a dress before, but no one freaked out that i could see.
the band was SO awesome! i have never done anything so cool. i danced a LOT, with curtis, james, trevor, josh, adam, dude that dances well but i don't know his name, and james' dad, ron, who really was the most fun, i think. after that we all went to steve, james, and jamison's house and ate the dessert that adam made. it was SO GOOD, and it looked even better than it tasted. carmen and i gave adam an apron that said kiss the cook. adam gave me a glenn miller t shirt that he had the vocalists and the director sign.
WHAT a great valentine's day. if only they were all that cool.
what i really like is the rose in my vase.

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