Wednesday, February 18, 2004

that was dumb

last night i wasn't really feeling well because some guys were stressing me out and i had a sore throat. (hey check it out! i can spell throat!) so my super-cool cutie roommate kim made me drink some "wellness" tea that was really gross... but it made me feel great! so great, in fact, that when kim was asleep and i was still talking on aim to a friend of mine, we decided that it was a beautiful night and that we should go for a walk at midnight and a half.
whoops... it's a beautiful night when you're sitting at your computer by your window, but when you're out there without a jacket it's pretty cold. he gave me his jacket in the first like five minutes. we got back at about two-thirty, because he said i was going to be sick.
he was right. now i feel terrible. kim got up about two hours before me and found me all sick and she can't figure out why her tea didn't work.
shhh... don't tell on me.

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