Sunday, February 01, 2004

i'm a mech-e techie

how did i come to pick such a cool major? i love mechanical engineering. and the weird thing is that not everyone likes it. i go to my metalurgy lab and have a blast learning about the properties of my iron sample (even if it does take four hours), and then i go work on my mechanics of materials homework and kick butt! but adam and scott see what i am doing and shudder. they are so glad they aren't in these classes. that's so weird! i would think that dynamics and statics and materials are so much more interesting than their horrible ee classes. i would die in a circuits lab, or digital, or micro-controlers. but they seem to like it! i don't understand.
it's a good thing that we can put aside our differences and come together on the common ground of differential equations and physics. especially physics! i can do the mechanics, but i have a feeling that electronics and magnitism is going to kick my butt. lucky me, adam's on my team!

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