Sunday, October 16, 2005

weekend, uh huh

here i am, eleven hours until my first class, sitting on the couch in las cruces with my brothers and sister, watching dallas play vancouver. right now the stars are down by one with about five minutes left. hockey is back. i love mike modano. we've got the popcorn, the pretzels, the milk, and we're going to watch evita after the game.

there were no hockey games this weekend, because it was pouring saturday morning, so i hung out with andy and lee at the mall for about four hours. that was fun. then we went and helped paint sets at my unlce's house, then we went to see wallace and gromit (which rocked) and then alicia and i went dancing. today after church i bought myself some new clothes. my grandparents showed up at our house tonight and my sister and i sang them "feed the birds" from marry poppins, mariachi style. we are awesomly good at that. then my dad made us kung-pow chicken for dinner (d'angelo stayed) and then nick, tracy and i headed over to my uncle's house to help tear down the halloween stuff. and now here we are, watching the game.

i love being at home. sure, it means i have to wake up a little before six to get into town in time for my nine o'clock class, but i'm so glad i'm not in socorro. my family is so much fun.

so my sister and i are considering releasing a cd of mariachi-style cover songs. keep your eyes open.

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