Monday, October 10, 2005

about the game...

another loss for team canada, but this one we really should have won. first of all, it should have been a forfeit for the other team, since they only had one guy show up, and we had four. but they picked a guy up, and we picked a guy up, and they picked up the hugos (totally not fair). then about twenty minutes into the game, two more of their players showed up. we were leading alomost the whole game, but we ended up loosing by one. we would have lost by two, but collin gave me the sweetest pass in the last minute and i scored. yay! i gave it to ian, who was keeping score. hugo scored four goals. we really should have won. but it was fun.

there's a new guy on that team. his name is roger. new guys amuse me. they nearly always fall into one of three categories:
a.) the gentlemanly type, that go really easy on me and apologize for everything, like they hurt me or something. i take advantage of this. they catch on eventually.
b.) the very snobby type, that totally ignore me on the court because they think they are above playing with a girl. it's weird, because they play like i'm not even there. i take advantage of this also, and get lots of steals that way. this usually doesn't last long, less than a game in most cases.
c.) the macho type, who have something to prove, that play really hard against me. this i can't really use to my advantage, but i typically play pretty well against them because, well, i have something to prove, too.
young roger falls into that last category. he played rough the whole game, and it was frustrating for me because he's actually very good. somehow i ended up guarding him most of the time, and it was hard work! he had a lot of goals. he's fast.

on the other hand, he ended up guarding me a lot of the time, and i'm happy with how i played. i always got the long shot off before he charged me (and they were good shots!), my passing around him was good, and he was guarding me when i scored. ha! take that, mr. chip-on-my-shoulder.

hockey is so, soooo much better than school.

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