Monday, October 24, 2005

halloween plans

hey, i know you may be sick of hearing this, but did i mention that las cruces rocks and socorro sucks? i did? hmm.

this weekend was our second-to-last chance to really get some work done on the mausoleum and get everything ready for the big day. friday was tech's "homecoming", which i guess is fun for the school athletes and the party animals, but i am neither, so i left town after my last class on thursday. on friday morning i went over to my uncle's house and helped him and byron paint halloween facades all day. we painted and talked about politics, painted and talked about movies, painted and talked about iv (surprize there), the list goes on and on. we finally packed up about four in the afternoon because my uncle had to go pick up alex and byron had a date night with his wife. i, however, drove my little brother to hockey practice.

yesterday andy, scott and i went back for the formal "work day". we drove around with my aunt distributing fliers for her good-will pumpkin carving contest, which she says will keep the neighbors from calling the police halloween night because of the crowds of people. and the crowds are going to be huge. then scott and i tested all the fog machines and timers and manual buttons to make sure that they suck up the fog juice properly and everything. fog smells really weird, we discovered, but the equipment mostly worked, much to the delight of alex, who screamed and pointed and ran around everytime the back porch filled with the weird-smelling clouds. he is the cutest kid ever. i love him.

then i helped byron put together the LEDs for the inside of the crypts. it was a lot of wire stripping and soldering and shrink tubing, but we finally established a system of sorts. we tested how two red ones and two yellow ones looked inside a crypt against one of my uncle's fake skulls. when we shut off the garage lights, everyone looked inside and saw the skull lit red from one side and yellow from the other, and it was very, very spooky. this is going to be SO much fun.

on friday i bought a mask from one of the halloween stores in town. it's purple and has feathers on it. i plan on dying my hair purple, which i think will look pretty cool, and just wearing dark clothes so i won't be able to be seen inside the mausoleum. i'm going to be a behind-the-scenes scarer. i'm so excited! hooray for halloween!

if you'd like to check out my uncle's blog, where he's posted several pictures and keeps better tabs on the progress than i do (and the final week should be an exciting one), he's nephilim dot blogspot dot com.

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