Wednesday, June 09, 2004

keep those fingers crossed...

here i am, back in socorro, where the weather is cool, the schoolwork is hard, and the boyfriend is only an hour and ten minutes away! hooray!

i moved into my house on saturday, but nobody was really around until sunday night. i am liking my living situation very much! meet the roommates:

steve wasson is the owner of the house, and therefore the landlord. i've known him for a long time, and he happens to be engaged to one of my best friends, carmelita, so she's over here a lot. steve is an electrical engineering grad student, and he works in the robotics department with my other best friend adam. steve's cool, he's funny, and he's easy to hang out with, although he does sometimes put his foot in his mouth. he's also the oldest one in the house, a whopping 26! dun dun dun!

corrie lambracht is the only other girl in the house, so the two of us are sharing the master bedroom and bathroom. i'm the first roommate corrie's had in a couple years. we get along great, but don't nessasarily hang out that much. she is a fourth-year astrophysics major, and this summer she's working on a high-tech telescope and at a day camp for super-nerdy high school kids that are studying astronomy. corrie and i are both really good friends with adam, so he'll be over here a lot, too. corrie is also extrememly cool. she's a great leader, good at organizing things, and (this might sound dorky) a very effective communicator.

scuba steve bract has been corrie's study buddy / co-worker for several years now. he just graduated in may with a degree in astrophysics, and he's not quite sure where he'll be next semester, because for some reason his 4.0 gpa didn't attract the attention of many grad schools. this summer he's also working on the telescope and at the nerd camp, so he and corrie will probably be sick of each other soon, since they work together and then come home to the same house. scuba is the sweetest, most polite guy in the entire world. he's such a cutie, too. he's an enormous nerd, but he's so incredibly endearing that it's really hard to notice. he's very soft-spoken and hard-working, and i think he's totally cool. he happens to have a huge crush on my former roommate kim as well, who is also around this summer.

christian w. brown is the fourth and final roommate, and the one i know the least. he's sharing a room with scuba. he just finished his first year of college working towards a degree in computer science, the weirdest of the weird. (cs majors reading this, i apologize, but face it, you've got some real freaks in your major.) christian seems to be on the normal side however, except for his tendancies toward zen, new-agey stuff, like kokology and crazy teas. he's a gentleman, very nice, extrememly smart and convicted, a good conversationalist, and has impeccable manners. he and i are the only ones in the house actually taking summer courses. he's enlisted for calc 3 and psychology. his good buddies lee (who i think is hilarious) and andrew (who is so cute! he reminds me of my brother) have been hanging around lately. all in all i think christian's pretty cool, but i'm still trying to figure him out. i'll keep you posted.

so that's it for the house! together we are very funny and very intelligent. i'm really looking forward to this summer, i think it will be a lot of fun!
i'll fill you in on the classes and the job another time... be assured, there is a lot to say! think hungarian grandpa, steak sauce, trendy buff elderly lady, creepy cook, resumes, and the rotery club...

and let you imagination go wild!

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