Wednesday, June 23, 2004

jolly old england

(the web guru is adam, the devil is me)

webguru: cherrio! beautiful day isn't it? love the weather, none of that damned fog that's so common in London
Devil64: yes... but this bloody, bloody sunshine! it makes my skin break out in all kinds of gastly splotches. makes me quite un-fanciable.
Devil64: i'm starting to miss jolly old england...
webguru: that's true old chap, but some sunshine is good once in a while, otherwise we'll all get rickets and be confined to wheelchairs!
Devil64: aye, right you are.
webguru: so are you coming to the grand lunch today? it'll be jolly fun
Devil64: is this the meeting that carmelita spoke of? i'm afraid i only just learned of it. honestly, love, i do wish you'd tell me these things earlier!
webguru: terribly sorry dear, but you know how my mind is these days
webguru: yes, it's the orientation training meeting Carmen spoke of, and there's free lunch provided
Devil64: that'll be bully. haven't had a proper tea in quite some time.
webguru: so true, these damned New Mexicans and their green chile and booze, they just don't know how to have a nice cup of tea
Devil64: quite right! another reason i'd rather be summering on the island. wherabouts is this jolly lunch to take place, love?
webguru: it'll be in Brown Hall, room 210, upstairs
webguru: hold on one second darling, I'm calling my dear friend Karen to make sure there'll be enough tea for you
Devil64: right-o. shall i hold my breath?
webguru: no need to, there's tea enough for the queen and her whole entourage
Devil64: good lord!
webguru: be back in a few darling, I need to use the loo right quick
Devil64: right then! see you at lunch, dear?
webguru: yes will do, see you there in about a quarter
Devil64: aye, until then
webguru: right-o

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