Thursday, June 24, 2004

my ims are so funny lately....

The Rag boy is Scott

Devil64: i am SO dyslexic today, you wouldn't believe it
Devil64: i had a dream last night that i was trying to dial 911, and i kept dialing 119, i'm serious
RagOrder: ouch
Devil64: or actually, it was 0000000119
RagOrder: that sounds like a sucky dream
RagOrder: was it a nightmare?

Devil64: no, not really
Devil64: macgyver saved me, how cool is that?
RagOrder: whoa!
Devil64: and he was driving a stagecoach
Devil64: it was sweet
RagOrder: so if it was a nightmare, he would have turned into jack o'neill, right?
Devil64: ha ha ha!
Devil64: no, he was definitely macgyver
RagOrder: oh good
RagOrder: i don't think macguyver has ever been in one of my dreams... i wonder why

Devil64: maybe you weren't in enough trouble
RagOrder: maybe my situations don't require much ingenuity
RagOrder: like bombs from a bike or something like that

Devil64: man, he is so cool
RagOrder: yup
RagOrder: well it is way past my bedtime
RagOrder: good luck on your test

Devil64: good luck getting into trouble in your dream so macgyver... or jack, if you want.... can save you!!!!
RagOrder: maybe major carter can save me....
RagOrder: :-)

Devil64: ooo
Devil64: have fun
RagOrder: bye

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