Thursday, June 17, 2004

new perspective on the ee class

i was looking over my very disappointing ee test yesterday and noticed that i lost four point on a problem that i had actually done correctly. i waited around after class to tell dr. oravecz, and when i was explaining it to him, this other dude perked uo his lazy ears and grabbed his test and ran over. dr. oravecz was apologizing as he pulled out his grade book to change my grade. i was super-happy, thinking that i was going to get four points back (which would have brought me up to a B), when mr. too-lazy-to-look-at-my-own-test rushes in and said, "oh! i did the same thing!" and shoved his test under the professor's nose.
dr. oravecz checked him out and told him that he didn't get his points because he didn't talk about the current or something, and then he looked over mine again to see if the current was included in MY explaination.
it wasn't.
he gave me one point back.
grrrr! i totally wanted to cuss the lazy dude out! he couldn't just let me have my points! bastard.
but afterwards dr. oravecz looked over my whole test and gave me another point on another problem, so i've got a B-, anyway. then he told me not to worry, i'm above the class average and going really well on the homework. then he asked me about my major, my gpa, how many years i've been here, stuff like that.
maybe this class won't be too bad. the final is 50% of the final grade, so i could be bummed about how much the final counts for, or i could be relived that i have a lot of room to mess up.
dun worry... be happy!