Wednesday, June 16, 2004

wow! you totally smell like trash!

last week i got a job at the val verde steakhouse and cafe. my job is waitressing, catering, working at the coffee shop, and washing dishes, which is what i'm doing this week. i know what you're probably thinking... "gross! dishes!", but it's really not that bad. washing dishes is easy. you just wash the dishes until you're done, and then you're done!
but what IS that bad is closing up. i started on the dinner shift last night, which was just fine until the end. i only had like two more dishes to wash, and i was thinking "score! i'll be out of here by nine!" and the chef told me, "you know you have to sweep and mop the whole floor, right?" no, no one told me that. no big deal. i started mopping.
then, "you know you have to clean out these jugs, right?" (the jugs were like sixty pounds and full of bleach water)
then, "you know you have to take those jugs downstairs, right?"
then, "you know you have to take out the trash, right?"
i was there for another hour and a half. but alan took out the trash because he felt sorry for me, and he made me some ice cream. it meant i had to mop the floor two more times because first he spilled the trash and then tracked mud through the kitchen, but it was worth it not to touch that discusting trash.
i was pretty cheerful last night. but i have to close every day this week through sunday, and i have a feeling i'm going to be a lot less nice by then... especially since i will be working and smelling gross while my boyfriend is in town and i could be hanging out with him.
i hope i can stay happy!

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