Tuesday, June 15, 2004


i took my first ee test today, and bwah, hah, hah, i destroyed it! i MAY have aced it, but i don't know exactly how this teacher grades. his name is dr. oravecz, and he's hungarian and adorable. he has funny phrases for things, for example he calls homework "the task". he also wears he same suit like every day... and i've had five classes so far and only seen two ties. i'm really glad that i seem to have done well on this test because, let me tell you, i completely BOMBED the first quiz. eight out of twenty. ouch.

my other class this summer is technical writing. my teacher is dr. griffin, and she is also adorable. of course adam, carmelita, john, and adam's new roomie bryan are in that class, so it's a lot more fun than ee. during class adam and i comment on the teacher... she's really trendy. she always wears funny, cute little clothes and cool shoes. she's also surprizingly muscular for a fifty-something english teacher, and i really like how she does her hair. she kind of ties it in stratigically-places knots. that class is going okaaay... how i do is yet to be seen. but hey, i don't mean to brag, but i am awesome at writing papers. did i tell you i got less than one point less than the highest grade in my materials lab? that actually really bugs me. if i'd only tried a LITTLE harder... and i could have...

you know what? i like my boyfriend. what a cutie. :)

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