Saturday, August 30, 2003

What just happened here?

Well, today wasn’t TOO awesome, y’know, it was going better than yesterday. Yesterday my friend was kinda freaking me out a little. I finally got home to where the internet is working, got away from school and all the issues that come with school and I was all set to relax and do some major vegging-out with my lap-top to make up for my week or so without internet. So my friend that has been freaking me out a little starts instant messaging me. That’s nothing new. But then things got weird. He asked me if I liked him at all and if I’d ever go out with him.
I wouldn’t. But how am I supposed to tell that to a friend that I know has liked me for a while? Don’t worry, I told him how it was. It sucked, but I told the truth. But now what am I supposed to do?
My friend Leah thinks that too many important conversations take place on instant message. That some things should really be said face-to-face. I usually agree whole-heartedly. But this time I’m not so sure. I might not have been able to come clean if it was any other way, and then things would be all sorts of complicated. What am I saying? Things are all sorts of complicated. Why did he have to go and do that?

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