Monday, August 11, 2003

Life for now

Just about every day I think of something crazy that I should remember, like stuff that I really enjoy and stuff that sucks, things that people need to know. And wouldn’t you know it… I always forget. So this is mostly to keep my brain in check. Since I might have stolen parts of my friend’s brains too, it won’t just be my opinion that you read about here. G will be writing a little too, but y’know… he’s not so deep sometimes, you’ll have to cut him a break. He really does get weird if he stays awake for about two hours straight.
Things I learned today:
1) Naps that sneak up on you while you’re reading a book are the best kind, as long as you don’t have to be in class in ten minutes or something… or unless you’re reading the book to keep yourself awake. These naps also produce pretty weird dreams.
2) Golf on a Play Station is fun! This is a shock to me because before today I thought that I would never enjoy any golf at all. I guess it helps if the players are Disney characters. I am CUTE as Minnie Mouse.
3) When you miss somebody a lot, you can talk to them about the MOST boring things ever and still want the conversation to continue.

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