Friday, August 29, 2003

Back at School

Sorry about all these delays… crazy how my Internet isn’t working on campus. I’m back at home now where things are more reliable. It was good for most of one day, then didn’t work for a few, then was working for about half an hour again, and then stayed off the rest of the time. AAAARRG! I hate when I don’t have Internet! My new roommate must think I’m a super-nerd, because all I do is check to see if my port has been activated. Well, I think she’s a super-nerd. She goes to bed at like nine.
Let me describe my school to you. New Mexico Tech is small, so everybody most likely knows and at least recognizes everyone else. All the people there are nerds. There are a few who aren’t right now because it’s the beginning of the semester, but they will drop out soon enough. (Another one bites the dust!) A lot of people pretend that they are one of the “cool kids” that “fell through the cracks” and just somehow ended up at Tech accidentally, but it’s just an act. They’re nerds. But that’s not a bad thing! Since everyone is a nerd, it means that no one is a snob, so people accept each other with open arms. It’s a nice refreshing change from the place where I went to high school.
Things that are unusual elsewhere are not uncommon at Tech. My friend commented that about half the lights in the dorms are still on a three in the morning. That usually means that people are either studying hard or playing their video games. I usually find myself in the studying hard category.
For now I’m really excited about this semester. One of my best friends, Carmen, is an R.A. for a dorm full of sweetheart girls that are mostly freshmen. My dorm is a girl dorm too, and instead of being a dorm full of people I never see like last year, I already know my neighbors and even the girls below me! They are also mostly freshmen, and it’s fun because they’re all excited about college and stuff. Except for my roomie, who seems not to like it too much. Okay.
Already I’m thinking that I will have to drop a class. This semester I’ve got nineteen credit hours. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. I hate to do this to my study buddy, but I think Physics is going to be the first to go. That will take me down to fourteen hours, which is way too few. I’ll have to talk to my advisor Dr. Reilly again. He’s not mean… he’s just a little scary.
Other than that I’ve got all kinds of emotional problems. I have major relationship issues to deal with. Hmmmm… maybe that’s why I signed up for nineteen hours… to keep myself busy!

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