Friday, May 12, 2006

the infamousaminus

i was really hoping that dr. o would prove me wrong about his grading scheme, but i and the majority of the students in senior design were right about him. on tuesday at our last meeting, leroy said, "it's like a big dartboard with a really small bullseye and a really huge 'A-'." and that about sums it up.

'A-' yet again. it just doesn't matter how much work you put into a project, how many sleepless nights you spend stressing about it. and on the other hand, it also doesn't matter how long you put it off until the last minute or what kind of shoddy job you throw together before you turn it in. it seems that dr. o makes up his mind what grade your team will get in the first few weeks of class, and then, no matter what, that's what you get. our team has been getting 'A-'s for the last two semesters, no matter what. it's absurd.

he gave us our scores for our presentations on tuesday. apparently my team killed. the students, faculty, and ABET crew all scored us much higher than the next team. we were first place by a good margin, which really surprised me because to be honest i thought there was a lot of room for improvement. but was it enough to pull us up to an 'A'? no. oh dear no.

and it wasn't the paper, okay, because that thing rocked. i poured my soul into it for weeks, and it deserved an 'A', i don't care what anybody says.

at least now i don't feel bad about taking ten minutes on the course evaluation to write down exactly what i think about dr. o's grading. at the time i felt pretty guilty because he's very nice man and quite like mr. rogers, really, but now i feel justified. i was right.

i had actually dared to hope for a 4.0 this semester, but so much for that. i got hit by the infamousaminus. boo on teachers.

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