Wednesday, May 31, 2006

horse head in your bed!

i watched the godfather part one last night. wow, is that movie long. and because i've seen so many spoofs, sometimes not even knowing that they were spoofs, i found myself laughing several times, thinking, "oh NOW i get it."

i couldn't really sleep last night, not because i was freaked out or anything, but just wondering.... how DID they get the horse head in the bed without waking that guy up? i mean, there was a lot of blood, but none got on the floor or the covers. how exactly do you sneak into a wealthy man's house at night with a severed horse head and get it all the way up to his room and under his covers without disturbing anyone? there are so many senarios i went through in my head, but they just don't give you any clues...

i also picked up on some interesting irony.

the story is mostly about michael... oh, what the heck, let's call him mike... and how he had to leave his nice happy girlfriend and go and change himself all around into some freakish bad guy. then he got married to some brunette that never smiled.... HMMMMM... and she got 'sploded in a car. well, hopefully that won't happen, but who knows? then he went back to his formerly happy girlfriend and married her anyway, and they had a really cute kid but she still wasn't happy because mike was a totally different person than he was when they were dating before. strange how a few years can do that.

but seriously, i was mostly thinking about the horse head. how do you even cut a horse's head off? with a knife? with a saw? do you kill it first?

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