Monday, May 08, 2006

i can see the finish line

it's pretty bad when you can't tell if your hands are shaking or not.

well, i've done it again. skipped church on sunday, spent all day in my pajamas working on my fluids paper, ate dinner, and spent all night- yes, all night- working on the first half of my brit lit paper. i have to write about four pages each on two problems, and i finished one. and it rocks. ah, the complexities of good and evil. now for one on the role of women. i'm not sure i have that fight still in me. i'm not sure i can keep beating that poor horse.

anyway, i finished the first paper at five, packed my stuff, drank some really gross coffee (i'm not sure if it was the caffine or the horrible taste that kept me awake), and drove back to socorro. i spent about an hour printing and organizing my 36-page fluids paper (okay, ten pages were fan specs, but still, 26 is a lot), slipped it under lyon's door at nine with several of my classmates, and then joined up with josh, kat, and heather to argue with ghosh for an hour about the finite final tomorrow at nine that everyone is going to fail. and believe me, if kat fails, it's bad. very bad.

so, figure on a finite final failure. freak out!

sorry. did i mention i haven't slept?

so here's what i've got left:

brit lit paper due at four
senior design paper (think like 50 pages) due tomorrow at nine
finite paper (only about 12) due tomorrow at nine
finite final (no hope) tomorrow at nine
transportation final (cake) wednesday at nine
vibrations paper (about 10, and mostly done) wednesday at one
vibrations final (i'm pass-failing, so all i need is a C) wednesday at one

and "that's it." i'll be surprised if i get any sleep before tomorrow at about noon. oh, and hockey was awesome this weekend. i'll tell you about it later. if i can still think later.

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