Monday, May 29, 2006

the dj blues

this weekend has been crazy, mostly because my sister graduated on friday. that means my cousins were in town from kentucky, which was loads of fun, but also that there were a bunch of recently-freed eighteen-year-olds running around town, simultaneously ecstatic to be done with school and desperate to cram in as much "hanging out" as possible before they all went their separate ways.

...which is very funny, because most of them (75%, to be exact) are staying in town and going to NMSU, but who am i to break up a "i'll never see you again" nostalgia fest?

so on friday night, my sis had a huge party at our house with a ton of kids. nick and i cleaned the yard and set up lights all day, and the place looked really nice when we were done. i was the dj. i lugged my stereo all the way from socorro, and was very pleased that it did just fine. my music library, however, did not.

okay, being a dj sucks. there's always something... there's always someone... always.

i don't have the most extensive music library in the world, far from it, but i think i have acceptable dance/party music. it's not like the only music i play is indie rock or girl-power pop or metal or something... i have quite a variety. i'm even music-conscious enough to realize that while i absolutely adore the beatles and their solo careers, not everyone else does, and they don't want to listen to it all night. i was pretty proud that i limited myself to two beatles songs, one george song, and no paul songs at all. and "i saw her standing there" and " i'm happy just to dance with you" are perfectly acceptable dance songs. i also have plenty of swing, funk, disco, jazz, some techno, hip-hop, and enough salsa and tango and polka for a small dance like that (shut up okay, polka is fun. it's fun! and it's easy to dance to, so leave me alone).

what i don't have? country. i mean, come on. i knew i was in trouble, since las cruces in general and the christian school in particular usually only now how to two-step, so i got about twelve country tracks from al and figured i was okay. little did i know that the rich snobby cowboys and cowgirls would refuse to dance to anything but twangy, corny, two-stepping drivel. and since the rich snobby beautiful kids that looked like extras on the OC were the majority, majority rules.

after about fifteen requests (or demands) for more country, al and i pulled a fast one on the party and played a few tracks from his cd while i imported more country music and blindly trusted that it would be dance-worthy. luckily (thank GOD for al), it was. so i set up itunes to play two country songs and then one normal song, and so on. no good. the floor would be packed on the country songs, and would empty.... seriously on normal songs, even ones that i thought would really be a hit, like zoot suit riot and YMCA and brick house.... BRICK HOUSE! good grief. the michael jackson trick that worked at the last party i djed totally didn't fly friday night. stupid little snobs. one girl even announced to me that she was changing the music and headed toward my computer. i almost took her head off.

and even when the snobs were happy, the other people weren't. more than one person came up to me and begged me to shut off the twang. and then al's little sister and her friend... poor things... they really wanted me to play like usher or something that i just didn't have, and they were so nice about it but i just kept turning them away, and they tried doing their hip hop moves to the two-step crap that i was forced to play, and i felt so bad for them.

i was so glad when my dad told me that it was late and to wrap it up, and even more relieved when the little brats left and there was no more music playing. tracy assured me that it was a good dance, but i swear there was someone scowling no matter what was playing. it was so stressful.

i would really like to swear off djing and take a vow never to do it again, but i'm not ready to give up yet. i don't know why this is-- i've had nothing but bad experiences. i want to give it at least one more try. i just need to get some usher.

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