Tuesday, April 25, 2006

too much school

you know you've spent too long studying in the ME lab when

a) you're listening in on other people's meetings because you can't do your homework and you don't want to leave because that would be giving in to the fact that you're not being productive,

b) the other meetings have slowly turned their discussion from cylindrical pressure vessels to nipple tassels,

c) you laugh, in spite of yourself, and

d) this encourages them to take their jokes a few steps further. indeed, they were waiting for someone outside the meeting to approve of their own not-being-productive, and soon the whole room is laughing at the idea of a stripper jumping out of a cardboard mock-up of a heliostat and sitting on your professor's lap singing breathily, "happy birthday, dr. ostegren" at the final design presentations.

i need a break.

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