Wednesday, April 12, 2006

bad student

so here's the breakdown yesterday's classes:

8:30 am- slept right through class. sure, i was a little sick, but i hate missing class, and ghosh was the teacher so i know i'm going to hear about it. i actually take notes in finite, too.

2:00 pm- josh would not shut up in fluids, and dr. lyons actually yelled at us for talking. that hasn't happened since high school! i gave him the generic, "i'm sorry, it won't happen again" line that i have so much good luck with, but he was really mad. he went on, "are you BORED?!? are you just so smart that you KNOW THIS ALREADY?!?" i said no, very apologetically like a good kid, but josh said yes and started arguing under his breath. he doesn't like lyons. so this is how it works, josh gets me in trouble and i get him out of trouble. hm.

3:15 pm- ghosh's class again. i have no idea what he talks about, so i wrote nicki a letter. at first, i remembered to look up every once in a while so it looked like i was actually taking notes, but after the first hour or so i forgot to do that, and ghosh gave me a really weird look. but at least he didn't yell at me. then i got really tired and went on a walk for like ten minutes to keep myself awake.

6:00 pm- majumdar was holding a mechanics of materials study session for the kids taking the fe next weekend. he didn't have to be there at all, but to help us out was answering questions and going examples. i fell asleep, right in the second row. i tried to hide it by shading my eyes and acting like i was looking at my notes, but when i opened my eyes again my hand was just in my face and my mouth was hanging open and my glasses were all over the place and stevie wonder could have seen that i was fast asleep. at this point, i left early.

could i have done anything else to insult my teachers yesterday, short of blatantly arguing or shooting spitwads? i promise, i'm usually a good kid. really.

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