Tuesday, April 04, 2006

chronology is the winner

at 1:02 and three seconds on wednesday morning it will be:


i love stuff like that. of course it was bound to happen eventually, but it still feels like a milestone.

i have not forgotten about spring break, the novel (pt 2). for some reason finishing it seems almost as hard as finishing my real novel, even though the spring break "novel" was just supposed to be a joke. perhaps i jinxed myself. again.

the real reason is because i've had a take-home brit lit midterm that has been kicking my butt... or rather, i have been kicking its butt, and it has taken a long time because i am thorough in my essay butt-kicking method. i have a black belt in rhetoric-fu. at this point, i would do well to shut up, lest i jinx myself again and find out that i printed my paper before i saved my final proofreading changes or something, and mott gives me the oh-so-abrasive B+ with which dr. o loves to torment me. yes, i really am that superstitious.

so i'm done with the midterm, but now good ol' ghosh has about eighty pages for me to proofread, so tonight will not be the night, either. it's coming. i promise.

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