Monday, April 17, 2006

coffee, the beatles, and not doing my homework

scott: have you fallen off the caffine horse yet?
me: no, i think i got thrown from the horse and now he's dragging me behind him.
scott: ouch...

me: look what you have done! i have done nothing but look at beatles pictures for the last forty minutes!
carmen: it's not my fault!
me: is too
me: i just found the most gorgeous paul mccartney wallpaper ever.... and now i want to delete all my icons because they're messing it up
me: i love paul
me: i need a shrine
carmen: ROFL...what's that we have in the living room then?
me: that's not a shrine and you know it!
me: i want to live in 1966!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
carmen: I swear, you were born in the wrong time period and in the wrong generation
me: yeah i was :(

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