Monday, April 17, 2006

the news

jack will be okay. i called my dad this morning, and he told me that the dog is all sewn up and limping and mopey, but he'll be fine, besides a big scar. poor doggie. my test will probably be okay, too, but i messed up a few parts in my sleep deprivation and coffee rush. and i'm still being pulled down a mountain by my caffine horse. i need to shoot that thing.

this week i'm supposed to be working my butt off on all my projects and tests and studying for the FE on saturday, but there are so many things i want to write about! the birds are back at their nest on the porch, the FE is freaking me out, josh is lame (mostly), my several study groups are filled with subtle hilarities, i already told you a bit about the (jerk) ref... but here's the big news.

kc moved out.


many things are wonderful about kc moving out. if i may... a-hem.

1.) she took her boring, ugly pictures off the wall in the living room. you know those ones with the big ol frames that just have a tiny picture of a half-mutilated dead flower or an acorn or something? i don't get it. anyway, i replaced those and the picture of the butterfly that she painted in like eigth grade with stuff that actually looks cool, and carmelita and i are really excited about how the new awesomeness of our living room. i hung up some more of carmen's collages of pictures of our friends, and then put up some pictures from a beatles calendar around my abbey road poster. that's the "shrine" carmen was talking about, but really, it's not bad, i promise. it's tasteful. it's sweet. we were so excited that we took some of my big french food posters and hung them up in the kitchen, and now our whole house is down.

2.) now, if there is something gross in the bathroom, it's not as scary because i know it's my fault.

3.) all the stuff in the shower is mine.

4.) the dishes will actually get done now. yay!

5.) now when i hear the door open, instead of freezing and and straining my ears for clues as to who's out there, i can yell, "hi!" because i know it's someone that i like.

6.) i don't have to stay in my room until kc leaves for work anymore... i can get up early! yay! i know, i'm crazy, but i love getting up early, and avoiding her morning routine really sucked.

7.) now mike will have to pick her up somewhere else, so i won't know about every bloody date they have.

8.) no more walking home praying, "please don't let kc be home, please don't let kc be home" or thinking of excuses to stay at school or josh's house a little longer so i can avoid being in the house for a while.

9.) and of course, the obvious reason... i finally have a place to relax, where the bad guys can't get me, where my beatles pictures are on the wall and my music is playing and i don't have to be miserable evey time i hear a person in the next room.

i'm so glad she's gone. my rent is going to go up, but i would have gladly payed my part and hers if she had moved out earlier. if i did something that made her move... i wish i had known about that trick in september. heartless? maybe. i think carmen is a little bugged that i don't feel bad about it, but she should have moved out a long, long time ago. that's okay, because she's gone now, and all i'll have to do is see mike for an hour or so every morning for a few weeks, four hours on fridays, and then i'll be done.

really, the living room looks fabulous. i forgot to mention the bookshelf that she took, too. it only had her stuff on it, and it was weird junk like horseshoes and painted rocks and little pots of potpouri that said "truth" or something on them (truth.... ha!). just like the pictures, it was boring and ugly and weird and we totally rock without it. her house is going to be so lame.

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CC said...

Oh, happy day. Congrats!