Wednesday, June 15, 2005

you call him MR. SPIDER, sir

last night i went to see star wars again with josh. i can safely say, now that i've seen it twice, that i loved it. it's great. i think it was better the second time, because the whole darth vader/frankenstein thing didn't freak me out, and i knew when the cheesy lines where coming. it's not happy enough to just watch all the time, but it's great. i'd like to own it some day.

after the movie josh dropped me off at my house. he gave me a ride because i'm still driving my mom's fifteen-passenger van, and parking that at the local theatre is just a bad idea. like a gentleman, josh waited in the driveway until i got into the house, and i'm sure glad he did. i've grown accustomed to our really bright porch light attracting all manner of nocturnal bugs that hang around our door, but this was different. this was the biggest non-tarantula spider i've ever seen, no kidding, and it was chillin right below the doorknob. it was so big that it looked like it could jump on me from twelve feet away and kill me with a single bite. i think it had a concealed weapon somewhere on it's person. i turned right around and told josh that i wasn't going near it.

understand something here... i'm not really afraid of spiders. unlike my mother, i can watch the radioactive bite scene in spiderman without freaking out. i can usually kill them no problem, but this one was really, really big. that thing could bend steel bars. and anyway, i was wearing flip flops.

if josh hadn't been there, i would have had to just suck it up and startle the thing myself. but i'm sure glad he was there to scare it for me. he says he thinks it was a wolf spider and probably wasn't poisonous. whatever. i've never seen a wolf spider that big.

i had no idea i was such a damsel.

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