Tuesday, June 14, 2005

somebody to love

today carmelita came back from her honeymoon. i'm really glad she's home because i missed her a lot, and you have no idea how many times last week i almost called her and then reconsidered because i knew she was out on her romantic dream trip to disneyworld. she told me today that it wouldn't have mattered even if i had called... her phone was off the whole time. smart little girl, that one.

anyway, one of the main reasons i'm glad she's home is because she's curing me from a perpetual case of song-in-the-head syndrome. i've had queen's "somebody to love" running through my thoughts for several days now, and it's a lot worse when you don't know all the words to the song you can't shake. so i went over to carmen's today and she loaned me her husband's (that's weird) 2-disk set, full of 34 of queen's greatest hits. i've listened to track ten on disk one about seven times since then, and i think it's getting a little better.

my little sis was passing through town on her way to albuquerque, so she stopped to have lunch with us. she showed us what my dad bought her for her birthday yesterday... a very, very nice acoustic guitar that she calls samson. her other guitar, an electric one, is named guinevere. steve said that girls are weird because we name everything. well, he's right. and my sis has a purty new guitar.

queen rocks. once i asked my psychology teacher why a person could get songs stuck in his head, and he said that no one knows. if you know, please tell me.

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