Thursday, June 16, 2005


for some time now i've been trying to choose between the yes and the moody blues for my second-favorite band. and my first favorite, you ask? you obviously haven't seen my bedroom. i don't have time to count the beatles pictures on my walls. but anyway, i always put off the second-favorite decision by claiming i couldn't choose until i'd seen them both in concert, and i'd only seen yes. as of last night, that is no longer the case. uh.

i saw the moody blues last night, in concert at the sandia casino, the same place i saw yes. it was awesome. i'm so glad i went, even though i had to go by myself. i had begged josh to go with me, but he thought it would be boring (thanks a lot). but i ran into tony while i was there! i was really glad to see him. he said i was a hardcore fan for going alone. i bet him two cents that they would end with "i'm just a singer in a rock & roll band", but i lost, because they played it early. when they did, the guy next to me, who was at least in his sixties (his wife was 58) started jumping up and down and SCREAMING "rock and roll! rock and roll!" it was so cool. i started jamming out with him. people are great. there was a whole family in front of me, and when they saw that i was having fun and cheering and stuff, they gave me a glow stick to wave like a faux lighter. cool!

after "i'm just a singer" they played "nights in white satin", which was probably the high point for me. it was great when everyone in the crowd sang along, "YES I LOVE YOU!" so much fun. they ended with "the question", which is one of my favorites, and then played "ride my see-saw" as an encore. they didn't play my favorite moody blues song, "you and me", but that was okay. like so many of my favorite songs, it's not one of the bands greatest hits. oh well. the concert was great.

but at the end, here i am with this decision to make. i can officially say, now that i can consider the concert possibilities, that yes is my second favorite band. the moody blues will have to settle for third.

but the concert was great!

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