Wednesday, June 29, 2005

sad song?

i don't about your house, but mine perpetually has way too many cars in front of it. waaaaaaay too many. yesterday, there were eight, count'em eight, vehicles in front of the house by the speed bump. the owners were me (yes, i have jules back, no more 15-passenger van!), kc, vanessa, rauni, kyle, nicki, johnny, and the white car that our land lords own and keep in the driveway. i was at home for a few hours, and i locked up when i left because no one else was there. no one was home, but there were still four cars in front, not including mine. you see, two people left in each car. that's when it hit me... everyone had a friend but me. rauni and her boyfriend kyle took his car, nicki and her fiance johnny took her car, and kc went with her best friend vanessa.

if this was a poor-me movie or a music video about loneliness, that would have been really sad. but i was okay, it was just a funny thing to realize. well, keep reading.

down the road i passed the house where my friends james and teresa live. and they were outside, in front, checking out james' car. i waved.

then i passed josh and kat's apartment. they weren't outside or anything, but i was in everybody-has-somebody mode, so i thought of them anyway. i was thinking, what could make this story more ironic? is pablo going to come around the corner with his girlfriend and their son and their neighbors?

and that's exactly what happened, i swear, i'm not lying. i saw a guy on a bike, with one of those kiddie trailers that the babies ride in, and i realized it was him almost as soon as i had that thought. right behind him were his girlfriend and their neighbors. to top all of this off, i was on my way to carmelita and steve's house, my two friends that just got married early this month. well.

i think this story has been a music video. doesn't it sound familiar? what a sad song playing in the background!

but like i said, for me, the story was much more bizarre than sad. like jack says, i'm alone but i'm not lonely, not anymore.

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