Tuesday, June 21, 2005

of all the bloody luck

you will not believe what i just heard on the radio.

first, let me tell those of you who don't know, i'm a huge beatles fan. i found out a few months ago that paul mccartney is touring the US again, and he will be in phoenix the day before my birthday. he will be in las vegas the day after my birthday. i want to go very badly. i think i would give up one of my kidneys to go to that concert. the good tickets are around $2000, so i don't think it's going to happen. i was telling all this to my dad, and he said, "well, all you have to do is win some tickets." yeah, sure dad. that's all i have to do.

so here i am at work, listening to the radio. the dj is saying, call in and be a big winner! here's the question: where is paul mccartney (and here my ears perk up like a little cartoon kid who hears "candy") opening his US tour?

now i happen to know that it's miami. i all but shout to pablo, who is sitting right next to me, "I KNOW THIS ONE!" and he immediately opens his phone and tries calling the station. good ol' pablo. but we don't get through.

who does get through? mike somebody from someplace.

"okay, mike, you have a chance to be our big winner! tell us, mike, in what city will paul mccartney open his US tour?"

and mike says london. LONDON!

the dj laughs and answers, "no, mike. his US tour. in the united states."

mike says, "oh, whoops! that was dumb..." or something like that.

dj says, "oh that's okay, mike, we'll give you another chance. here's a hint: the city is in florida."

mike says, "miami?"

and as far as i can tell, won tickets to the thing. of course, the entire time i was about to pull out all my hair. this guy doesn't even know what a US tour is! i could have told that dj so many facts about paul mccartney or the beatles or anything else!

why, why, why?

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