Wednesday, March 24, 2004

queen of the nerds

ladies and gentlemen, let's hear a nice big round of applause for our academic olympiad! our little hard-core nerdy girl!
i am good. good and tired, that is. friday night people started coming into town, so i stayed up all night and hung out. saturday i tried to do the same, but fell asleep at about two and had a few hours of accidental rest. i got up really really early on sunday and strangely don't remember anything about that night. i do know it was the last time i slept in my bed. on monday we had dress rehearsal, so tony and i stayed up until three am afterward finishing the physics homework. i fell asleep on adam and tony's couch and got up at six on tuesday. stayed awake all day.
but last night (which is still tuesday) is the real story here. i went over to josh's room at ten and worked my butt off... i mean i really worked, i didn't goof off- until four-thirty in the morning. you guessed it, the second quarter-semesterly materials lab write up. while i was at josh's, i managed to get out of my diffeq homework. the grader for that class showed up and i told him i'd bake him a cake if i didn't have to turn in today's homework. it worked ; )
josh was as done as he was going to be at four-thirty, but i came back to the tv room in my building and worked on my paper some more... until i went to breakfast at denny's with curtis, mike, scuba steve, nicki, johnny, rod, jamison, and james. then i came back and made a mad dash to finish my lab write up, ran to print it out at the computer center, and then ran to jones to leave it on my ta's desk. have you ever ran across a college campus on a nice warm sunny ten am morning... after you've had less than ten hours of sleep in the last five days? i don't exactly recommend it. it took me a while to recover. then i went home, took a shower, and went to mechanics. tony had picked up all my diffeq homework for me, and they were all 100's and 95's! tony, adam and i got lunch and went to my room to start (and finish) the physics homework, and then we went to recitation.
only to receive another assignment. dr. eack loves doing that to us.
still no sleep, i've got rehearsal in an hour and physics homework, a physics lab, and a materials assignment due tomorrow. tonight's rehearsal will run well past midnight. then i have another rehearsal tomorrow, right after i get out of lab!
but i'm happy, because i think i'm going to get to sleep tonight. in my bed! hooray!
no, seriously, this pace will probably make me sick soon, but i'm not miserable. i'm actually very proud that i worked on the lab for nearly eight hours straight! well, i can't take all the credit here. josh gave me one of his special caffeine pills. man, that messes you up. taking one of those bad boys on an empty stomach is another thing that good little girls and boys should never, never, do.
nevertheless, my lab write up was finished and turned in on time. this can only bring happiness.
and mike's bringing me brownies and coffee at rehearsal tonight.
: )

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