Monday, March 01, 2004

la la la

it's a beautiful day outside, i have tons of time to do my homework, i'm listening to good ol' mr. armstrong, and i am eating a strawberry ice cream cone. one thing good about our cafeteria-- the ice cream is fabulous. and STRAWBERRY ice cream... well, you can imagine.
last night i finished all of the diffeq homework, right now i am going to finish all the materials homework and email the data to our ta, then i am going to read a LOT of mechanics to get ready for our killer (and i mean KILLER, 25% of the final grade) midterm in two weeks, start on my physics lab write up, and go to the library and run off copies of tomorrow's materials lab. nice. let's see what i can do in three hours.
oh, and i had a dream that jamison was trying to kill me the other night! more about that later.

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