Friday, March 19, 2004

this had better be temporary

when did i get to be SUCH a bum?
all my travel plans for spring break fell through, so instead of going home to las cruces and sleeping all day and goofing off online all night, i opted to stay in socorro and actually get some work done. next week is the musical, and we have dress rehearsal everynight or something, so i wanted to get all my homework for next week done. it was concievable. i have a huge physics assignment and one of those enormous materials lab write-ups due on tuesday, then a little bit of diffeq and a physics lab write up (both relatively easy) due on wednesday and thursday. oh, and because dr. eack so loves to give us homework, i was expecting to read the next chapter in the physics book and summarize it to get read for the next quiz.
but like i said, out of nowhere, i have become the biggest slacker.
i've been here in socorro since monday evening, and carmen and steve left on wednesday night, so by now i've actually had two un-interrupted days of nothing to do. i started reading two books. i've been pretty diligent with those. but homework? no way. i've done quite a few physics problems, but not even half of the assignment, haven't even looked at the diffeq, written about two pages (out of the bare minimum of ten, mind you) of the materials lab, and the title... that's right, one minute's work of work... of the physics lab write up. in TWO DAYS.
i don't know what's wrong with me. if my room has become a place where i can't do work, i am so screwed. i'd better get back into the zone when school starts up.

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