Sunday, March 07, 2004

awww yeah!

here's the deal with the hockey league this season...
remember how i told you they are moving indoors and the adult games are going to be on weeknights now? and that i couldn't make it into town on weeknights? so i thought i'd be sitting out at least for this season, maybe forever.
WELL of course the new rink isn't finished. of course. nothing in las cruces is ever finished on time, i don't know why i thought this would be any different. so they told me that for the first few weeks, all the games are on saturdays. they also told me that as long as i can make it into town for the games, i can get some playing time. tom made me the official "free agent" of the league, which means i can play with any team that needs a sub. last week i played two games, and this week i played three. five games in two weeks... this is really nice!
last night i asked barry and ray when the indoor rink would be ready. they said probably not all season.
heck yeah, i could do two or three games a week all season.
being a free agent is AWESOME!!

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