Friday, March 05, 2004

very dramatic

yesterday there was a guy in front of the chartwells cafeteria who was having students fill out forms for credit cards. he was getting everybody's personal information, including their social security number, their signature, and he was taking digital pictures of their student ids. when i saw all that he was getting, i wouldn't fill out my social security number, but jesse and peter did, and they got these little basketballs or something. the guy tried to convience me by saying that he had identification, he just didn't have it with him. riiiiiiiight.... i told him i was sorry i wasted his piece of paper and left.
kim and trevor called campus police from our room. jesse and peter started freaking out when we told them everything that could happen with identity theft, and campus police took a really long time to get there and they were worried that this guy was going to pack up and leave. so i went and called campus police from the chartwells phone. and an officer came in like two minutes and asked who had made the call. i told him that this guy was getting pictures of everybody and their ss# and their signatures and didn't have any id. the cop went and got all the info from the guy, and while he was out there jesse and peter went and got their forms back. but he wouldn't erase his digital pictures. right after the cop left the guy took off.
it was scary. i feel smart. and i called the police and they came!
jesse and peter were way more scared than i was though. they said i saved them! hooray!

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