Thursday, April 01, 2004


ugly day, the sun is shining
every cloud's got a silver lining
ugly day, the skies are blue
now every day is ugly without you!
-five iron frenzy

i'm really happy. i think that's partly due to the fact that i played soccer yesterday and didn't suck. also because my study buddies have been keeping me from failing my classes. also because i walked into physics lab today, ready to throw myself at the mercy of my ta because i hadn't finished my lab, and just as i was about to beg for a few more hours she made this announcment: the labs are due next week! she had decided that kinda out of the blue. adam wasn't finished either. we totally lucked out. woo!
i got my physics test back. it was a b. that is SO weird. i really thought that one was a flunk for sure. and i took a diffeq test on monday. i think i did good!
i hope this good streak lasts for a while. i am enjoying myself. :)

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