Monday, February 06, 2006

superbowl commercial review

while i don't watch the game just for the commercials (i was rooting for seattle), i have to admit that they are the only things i really talk about afterwards. this year's winners, according to moi:

honorable mentions: the "quit smoking" commercial with all the people picking their noses. funny but sad. the fedex cavemen were also pretty good.

third place: the "don't judge too quickly" ameriquest commercials. ha, ha! they were great.

second place: macgyver's mastercard commercial. that was brilliant. richard dean anderson looks awful, but the commercial was pure marketing genius.

first place: hummer. okay, maybe i'm biased because i love those old goofy monster movies, but come on! it was great!

it starts out as a corny "big lizard vs. robot" scam, but instead of destroying each other, the two menaces fall in love. lizard (who of course is a girl) gets knocked up and gives birth to a hummer, who is .... wait for it... a little monster.

that's awesome.

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