Tuesday, February 21, 2006

it starts

last night kc left her sample wedding invitations out on the table. it took me a while to figure out what they were. i mean, i knew what they were, they were all sparkely and see-through and pretty. but i couldn't think who could possibly need two different wedding invitations with nothing written on them. don't you usually do that when you're choosing between them? when you're getting marri... oh yeah. these belong to kc.

steve and emily were at the table talking while all this went through my head. when the "duh" moment hit, i suddenly stopped touching the pretty paper and i think something dredful must have happened to my face. steve asked, "are those yours?" and i said no. then the "duh" clearly hit steve as well. he said, "oh... i think i know what these are." and he picked them up and said he'd get rid of them.

as far as i know, emily is blissfully unaware of the inter-house drama going on here. i guess that's a good thing. when people know what's going on and act like it's okay it really bothers me. i'm astonished that mike and i still have so many mutual friends. when i see them talking to him, i want to run up and yell, "do you NOT KNOW that kc is MY ROOMMATE?!?"

last night i had a dream that i was still living in the val verde house on sean, and rauni was engaged to mike. she was showing me her wedding dress and gushing about how great he was, and that he always gave her rides everywhere when her car wasn't working and always bought her stuff. i did the smile and nod thing, but i was thinking two things. first, "rauni's kind of a jerk for telling me all this. i wonder if she's trying to make me feel bad." and second, "wow, rauni's going to be really sad when mike tells her that he's actually going to marry kc. she's going to cry and cry and cry. and everybody already knows it but her. i hope she'll be okay."

so... just to clarify... that was a dream, rauni's not actually a jerk. but she is one of the people that is still friends with me and mike and kc, so who knows.

EDIT: but paul mccartney blew me a kiss!!! he did!!! he's a LOT more famous than mike, and a much cooler too, and his songs are a lot better. that's right, mike used to sing me songs. and paul's are way better. mike could never be paul. in fact, mike has also blown me kisses, and paul is better at that, too.

you know, this edit really isn't making me feel better at all. :(

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