Wednesday, July 14, 2004

house update

i told you guys i'd keep you posted on the roommate situation, but thus far i haven't really held true to that. so here goes!

about wasson; the good, the bad, and the ugly:

1. the good: he's kind of becoming my go-to guy. if i have a "boy" question, i usually go to adam, hugo, or sometimes my brother. problems with that? adam sometimes thinks i'm hinting at something or have an agenda, so he doesn't tell the truth all the time. hugo is in las cruces, i'm in socorro. nick doesn't talk to me very much anymore because he's a workaholic.
the solution? not only do i live in the same town as steve, i live in the same house. and he gives me honest answers, even brutally honest sometimes. more often than not he tells me a lot more than i wanted to know, and christian and corrie gross out and carmelita yells at him, but i get my answer! problem solved.

2. the bad: i thought my mom was the noisiest eater in the world. i may have been wrong all these years. if wasson isn't louder, he's a really close second.
the problem here is that he gets up early to eat, and i get up early to study, and they really don't co-incide.

3. the ugly: he doesn't put food away. he'll just leave it out and it'll go bad, usually until corrie finds it and throws it out and lectures him. this doesn't really bug me that much, but it drives corrie crazy. what i think is funny is that carmen does the same thing.

about corrie; what roommate?

1. when corrie hangs out with the same people too much (read SCUBA), she kind of flips out and leaves town for a few days and doesn't tell anyone where she's going and turns her phone off. people who know her know that she's fine, but that doesn't mean that some people (read SCUBA) don't worry about her.
between corrie's freedom sprees, family visits, and work-related trips, i really don't have a roommate like 85% of the time. i just share a room with her stuff.

2. when corrie IS home, she has a cleaning frenzy and devours the house. we all feel bad that she cleans up after us, so we tidy everything up when we know she's coming home, but it doesn't seem to help. she cleans out the refrigorator every time, and throws a lot away. she's cleaned this house more than all of us put together, and she's not even here half of the time.

about scuba; nothing to report!

scuba steve is being his sweet, kind, goofy, funny, nerdy self and i am pleased to report that he has no annoying traits whatsoever. corrie may disagree with me on this note, but i really can't see why.

about christian; um.... where to start? this guy was the one i promised to keep you posted on. this is the one i couldn't figure out at the beginning. well, read on.

1. he thinks he's really romantic. not that he thinks he's a babe or whatever, but he tries to underline his impress-the-girls qualities. for one, he thinks he's a really great chef. ha! half the time he makes taco salad. he's picky about what utensils he uses, like he's a pro or something, and when he cooks he uses about every dish in the kitchen. it totally pisses me off.
his second i'm-a-hopeless-romantic trait is this introspective momma's boy thing he does. he really tries to analyze the family unit, and he's always asking steve how he knew carmelita was THE ONE, and he's always talking about his mom like she's the greatest perfect person in the world, and he's got all these stereotypes that he thinks girls agree with... like that guys are dumb or ugly or girls are in charge of relationships, blah blah blah. he tells mike to "watch out" that he "doesn't get in trouble" with me. i don't even want to talk about that one.
he thinks he has deep insight into the female mind. he would never say that out loud, he actually claims the opposite because he thinks girls like it, but yeah, he thinks he knows a lot. what-ev-er!
he collects weird "romantic" things like lists of the symbolism in different flowers and non-alcoholic wine and little zen teacups and stuff.
the list goes on and on. he's not liking his psychology class this summer because it's very evolution-based, but i could totally see him as a psych major. whatta weirdo.

2. he totally can't clean up after himself. he doesn't really understand the concept of rinsing off a dish before putting it in the sink. and like i said, he'll use every dish in the kitchen, and not only will he not clean them off, he won't even take them off the stove! today i came home to his 24-hour old raw meat cooking mess all over the range. i cleaned the stove for him, but left him the dishes. if corrie had found that, she would have killed us all.

3. he really bugs me! he says things like, "say, what do you think about..." and, "want me to whip you up somthing to eat?"
i know, i should get over it. i really should.
he's also really moody. carmelita noticed this before i did. sometimes he just ignores all of us. and once, when i wasn't here, he really went off on corrie for moving his stuff when she went on a cleaning spree.

4. i bug him! the other night he was playing risk with lee, scuba, and jon berg, and i was watching and trying to figure out the game. i guess i was being kind of annoying, because i kept asking what everything was for, but jon, scuba and lee just laughed at me and tried to distract me with their colored plastic stars (which worked, by the way, for about half an hour). but christian was totally bugged! it was pretty obvious. i also noticed that he was really annoyed with lee. how weird.

so that's christian. we've always been polite to each other, but if he ever picks a fight with me, boy, will i let him have it. it's not that i think he's a jerk or a bad guy... i just don't like sharing a house with him.

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