Wednesday, July 07, 2004

one of the baby birds died. :( we found it on the ground this morning. i think it was nod.
i think another one flew away.

blinkin and henry are left. blinkin is really fat.... he is one healthy bird. his feathers are looking nice, i bet he'll do just fine.

then there's henry. today i was looking at them and blinkin was sitting there, all fat, and scrawny little henry was still in the nest. he looked like he was freaking out. he pulled himself out of the nest and i was terrified that he was going to fall, but he didn't. he crawled along the ledge and he sounded like he was crying the whole time. he looked so miserable, and then he sat on the edge and looked over. it looked like he was considering jumping. he wanted to end it all.

i stood there for about an hour, trying to talk him out of it and calm him down, and i even moved a chair under the ledge so he didn't have as far to fall. there were a few times he tottered on the edge and i thought he would fall for sure, i i got ready to catch him. poor little guy!

his mom came and tried to take care of him. i would have stayed longer, but i had to go to work.

when i came home the first thing i did was check the nest. fat ol blinken was still there, but henry was gone! but he wasn't on the ground either. corrie and scuba showed me that he had crawled under our bench and was hanging out there. wasson told me that earlier that he was under the rosebush.

i hope he'll be okay. if he's still out there tomorrow i want to take care of him. poor henry.

(we all think they are swallows.)

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