Wednesday, August 04, 2004

y'all get y'rass on over here

webguru: is Ms. Boltzmann there?
Devil64: she just left with scuba, i think they were finding food
webguru: ok
webguru: when Corrie gets back, tell her to get her ass on IM and tell me what's going on for tonight
webguru: in a kind way of course ;-)
Devil64: okay, i'll relay the message
Devil64: "adam saaays... get yerass on aim!"
webguru: good job
Devil64: y'rass
webguru: ahhh! you just made a new Texan cuss word!
Devil64: y'all get y'rass on over here
webguru: haha!!!!!!
webguru: we need to patent that one
Devil64: what is this "we" white man?
Devil64: ;-)

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