Friday, July 02, 2004

full nest

today carmen came over to my house to work on our pointless, pointless english homework. i was really attention deficit today, and was staring out the window watching the bird that lives under our porch roof. then i started yelling and carmen was annoyed because i ran outside.... because there was more than one bird in that nest! it was full of little babies!

we thought there were two baby birds in there, but then we saw three, and not three, but FOUR! they are so cute! well, y'know, not really, they are baby birds after all, they have fuzz sticking up all over them and weird heads and big beaks, but the concept is cute. we named them winken, blinken, nod, and henry. henry is my favorite, he's the cutest. no, i can't tell them apart, but if you come over to my house to see them and think that one is cuter than the others, that one is henry. :)

fourth of july is in two days! this weekend corrie, wasson, and christian are all leaving, and scuba's bringing curtis over, and i'm bringing my little brother and sister. of course my sister is bringing al and ellen, so it will be a full, full house. it should be fun though.

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