Tuesday, July 13, 2004

durango dog

this weekend my boyfriend took me on vaction! we went to durango to visit his sister and to farm town to visit his parents. well, he went to visit, i went to meet. durango was lots of fun. i had never been there, but it's a nice out-doorsy kind of town.

of course we stopped in burquey on the way to watch the planes take off... wow, i love airplanes. we watched them for a long time. i one month i'll be ON a plane going to boston. :)

we drove and drove and drove... we went straight to durango because we were a little late (from watching the airplanes, no doubt). durango is really pretty. it's nice and green and there are cute little houses and cool old buildings everywhere.

the apartment complex where mike's sister lives was weird... her neighbors on one side were smoking a bong with the door open, and her neighbors on the other side were screaming and cussing at each other. mike thinks that place is like a hippy town, but i'm not so sure. i think it's more like an athletic town.

the first thing we did was go inner-tubing down the river. that was fun! the water was really cold, but the sun was nice and warm. we passed some people sitting out on the rocks, and they started making fun of us because we weren't really wet. so mike dipped his head back to put it in the river, sat up, and then lost his balance and fell in. he actually fell in like six more times, but i stayed on my tube... which was weird, because my tube was kind of too big for me. the river ride seemed to go really quickly, even though we were in there for probably two hours.

the guys tubing behind us had this awesome dog... we didn't catch his name, so we just called him durango dog. he was a sivler and gray husky, and we was wearing a red harness. he swam down the river next to people, came right up to our inner tubes so we could pet his head, then he'd go climb the bank and shake himself off and look over the river like he owned it, then he'd jump back in or go chase the ducks... he was so, so cool. if i could be durango dog, i'd be awesome.

after tubing, we drove around the town for a while, got some coffee, and hit old town. that was touristy, but fun. there were lots of really old buildings that were fun to look at. there were restaurants on every corner, too, and they all smelled delicious! we went into a glass shop, a book store, the chocolate shop, the toy store... then we met mike's sister and parents at an italian restaurant for dinner. mike looks just like his dad... i also think his dad is very handsome. his mom is really pretty and very sweet, and she always kept the conversation going. we had fun, and then we left for farm town.

i was SO tired, i could hardly keep awake in the car. you know how your head dipps to the side when you fall asleep in class, and then you have to sit up quickly? i was doing that number all the way back to farm town. when we got there, mike read me the beranstein bears and i read him the max lucado book we bought at the bookstore. then came the sleep, sleep, sleep... i dreamed about durango dog.

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