Wednesday, April 28, 2004

the dorm next to mine is being re-constructed into an office building. this is sad on many levels. first, all the boys that used to live there who were really fun and my friends are now WAY across campus, like a five-minute walk. yeah, it's not that far, techies are lazy. second, the work day for these construction guys starts at six-thirty. the work day also usually starts with a jackhammer or something equally loud right outside my window. yeah, it's not early, techies are lazy.
but right now it's not so bad. they just poured some new cement down there, and there's two guys very dilligently sweeping off the surface to make sure it is smooth and blemish-free. the problem is, there's only one broom. so these two big burly construction workers are very carefully, very tenderly tossing the broom back and forth over their fresh cement so they won't mess up the work they just did. it's one of those things you have to stop and watch.
but that won't stop me from sneaking down there tonight and putting my initials in the cement. bwah hah hah!

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