Wednesday, April 14, 2004

she's done it again!

that's right. the third materials lab write-up. it was not as painful as the second, but it did require an all-nighter, a caffine pill, breakfast at denny's, and five hours in josh's room. i got the highest grade (actually, the only 'A', and it was a high one) on the first write-up and the highest 'A' on the second write-up too, which surprized me because i thought i turned it in pretty incomplete. i only have two weeks to rest before the last one!
i'm a little concerned about school here... i am kicking butt in materials lab, but that's only one credit hour. i'm doing great in mechanics, but really the only grade that matters there is the final. materials is just about the easiest class ever, so i'm doing fine, but i never go to class and the teacher knows this. i haven't gone to diffeq in like two weeks, and i've resorted to bribery with the grader. that leaves physics and physics lab.... ug. i try so hard in those classes. i just suck at physics.
it doesn't help that i am completely un-motovated. i really don't want to work on anything.
i don't want to but i must, dear, dear. i have a physics quiz in half an hour. i'd say it's time to hit the books.
i remember when i was SO good at school...

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