Thursday, September 07, 2006

twenty minutes of free time!

life is incredibly busy. i'm exhausted.

yesterday i called kevin at about 5:30. i told him, completely truthfully, that it was the first time all day that i hadn't been doing something, and by all day i meant since 6:30 in the morning. i got up, packed, drove, went to work, went to class, went to work, played hockey with the professors, showered, ate a burrito in about five minutes, class, meeting, work... and it went on like that after the phone call, too. homework, bellydancing, iv, library, home, more homework. it was nuts. and unlike typical work days, yesterday was packed. i was scrambling all day trying to get quotes and send faxes and make phone calls. by the end of the day i was misspelling my last name and transposing fax numbers and every date was set in 2005.

just imagine... your mind is tired, your body is tired, your bed is SO comfortable... ahh. and it starts raining. nice, you think. time to fall asleep listening to the rain.

except the rain keeps getting louder, and louder, and there's thunder and lightning and soon the walls are shaking and there's no WAY you're going to sleep.

last night socorro got the most extreme thunderstorm i have ever experienced. i was ticked off. i was so tired and i couldn't sleep! it sucked. carmen was sleeping on the couch last night, and she actually came into my room at about 3 am and said, "can i sleep in your room?" i thought she was being funny, so i said no and tried to go back to bed. this morning it turns out that she was actually scared. hmm.

jen said something along the lines of, "tired? that's okay. nobody in socorro actually slept last night, so everyone else will be tired, too!" carmen said that at one point she thought maybe we were being attacked. that's some loud thunder, people.

good lord, i hope that was a once-in-a-lifetime thunderstorm, because if we get another one tonight i swear i'm over-dosing on sleeping pills. this is ridiculous.

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