Friday, September 22, 2006

here does nothin...

i went to the career fair today. i got a t-shirt, some magnets, a tube of phelps-dodge chapstick (it's pina-colada flavored,okay?), and two of those pens with the post-it notes inside. those are so fabulous. they're my favorite career-fair loot, ever.

also... i got an interview with puget sound naval shipyard. that's where kat and josh went to work. that's where i want to work. that's in seattle. well, it's in bremmerton, but yeah. seattle.

i really want to move. it's not that i don't like the desert, i do (even now, when it's sort of turning into a swamp), but i want to get away for a few years at least....... or do i?

i get depressed when i spend too long away from my family. "too long" for me is about two weeks. i don't know what i'd do if i couldn't see my brothers for months at a time. and who would i play hockey with? and who would i dance with? and who would i eat green chile with? and where the heck would i buy green chile?

on the other hand, what am i going to do if i stay here? move to las cruces? work at NMSU? white sands? the nursery?!? i don't really want to do that. i mean, come on, you guys know i love las cruces and NMSU and... well, i (sometimes) really like the nursery, but...

exactly what good is it to take a million horribly difficult, soul-sucking, mind-numbing classes unless you can use them to move across the country, right? i haven't pulled that many all-nighters for nothing. i haven't been slowly killing myself to keep a high GPA just to not use it and move back home, right?

so, okay. wish me luck. i'm going to get dressed all nice and go to this interview tomorrow (err... today) and try and get this job and move away to the pacific northwest. i guess i should just not worry about it, right? if it happens, great. if not, something else. right?

okay. right.


insert some awesome, psyching-me-up montage here. why is it that i can only think of "eye of the tiger" and "material girl"?!?!? someone please get me a good montage song, please.

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